Update 2014-12-14, Christmas Time

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  • Updated to game protocol 10.70. If you are unable to connect with the new version, please re-download the IP Changer from our website.
  • You can now see your frag counter in the Unjustified Points widget.
  • Santa Claus is in town! Don’t forget to visit Santa to pick up your present.
  • You can now say “kick” to Junkar on Robson Isle to get kicked off the steamboat in case it is being blocked.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t rope up items from certain trapdoors.
  • Fixed an issue with a few houses where the door access list was not applied properly.
  • Fixed a lot of map bugs.

We would also like to bring attention to the Christmas Contest on ShadowCores that is being held by one of our tutors, Tenkaping. You can find more information about the contest here: http://otland.net/threads/tenkapings-christmas-contest.224645/. Submit your entry by 24th December for a chance to win.

Happy holidays,
The TwifySoft Team

ShadowCores Second Anniversary

Anniversary Day

Two years ago, we launched what ended up to be the beginning of a new era. Two years ago, we did not know how big our community would grow. With your help, we have accomplished things that no one thought was possible two years ago.

Today, Sunday, May 11th, we are extremely grateful that you have stuck with us for so long and we would be happy if you would like to join us on this joyful day to celebrate the second anniversary of ShadowCores. There will be events with prizes, and there will also be items for everyone who is participating.

Be at the Open-Air Theatre (south west from Thais, between south-west gate and the Lighthouse) on ShadowCores around 20:00 CEST to not miss out on anything! We will be broadcasting more information before it begins, and throughout the events. Pst, bring a fishing rod! We heard rumors saying that the sea will be generous tonight.

Kind regards,
The TwifySoft Team