6th December to 9th December: Double Experience Weekend!

Double Exp Weekend

The double experience weekend begins on the server save of Friday, 6th December and ends on the server save of Monday, 9th December. During this time you will receive twice as much experience from both monsters and quests!

Many players have been wanting this for a very long time and therefore we have decided to give you all an early christmas present!

Happy hunting!

Update 2013-11-01, Welcome to The Spike!


  • Updated to game protocol version 10.21. With this update, you must download a new version of the IP Changer to be able to connect.
  • A new gnome division has appeared, The Spike. Complete their daily tasks and gain your fame with them to become worthy of the cave explorer outfit.
    • Tasks for Level 25 - 49:
      • Ghost Pacifiers
      • Angry Spirits
      • Malevolent Presence
      • Killing Demon Skeletons
    • Tasks for Level 50 - 79:
      • Destroying Nests
      • Fertilising Mushrooms
      • Geomantic Charges
      • Killing Crystal Crushers
    • Tasks for Level 80 or higher:
      • Parcel Delivery
      • Undercover Contacts
      • Temperature Gauging
      • Drillworm Killing
  • You will now be kicked out from Pythius the Rotten’s room after 10 minutes.
  • You can now use clay lumps to sculpt statues.
  • You can now buy canopy bed kit from Gamon in Thais.
  • Attempted to address client debug assertions when connecting casts.
  • Summoned monsters will no longer drop corpses when they die. This is to prevent abuse with skinning and make some quests a little more challenging.
  • It is no longer possible to walk behind the table at Liane in Carlin and at Benjamin in Thais.
  • Fixed a bug with the Versperoth event in Warzone 3.
  • Fixed a lot of map bugs.

Kind regards,
The TwifySoft Team.