Transfers to LunarForce are now open!

Many of you have been wanting us to enable transfers from ShadowCores to LunarForce, and finally the time has come. Please note that transfers are optional, ShadowCores will stay open as usual.

LunarForce is our Hardcore-PVP server which is designed for players who love the PVP-aspect of the game. Compared to ShadowCores, it has lower experience, skill and magic level rates and also lower mana regeneration for mages. 

Transfering your character will cost 30 shop coins. The reason why we have chosen to have a fee for it is because certain limits should not be abuse. To make transfers avaliable to everyone, we chose 30 shop coins as it is the amount you recieve from a premium scroll that you can buy from other players in-game. Besides, you get a free name change along with the transfer, and the cost of a name change is 30 coins.

What are the terms of the transfer?

  • To avoid that you transfer a character that is not yours, the e-mail address registered on the ShadowCores account must match the e-mail address registered to the LunarForce account.
  • You can not transfer a character that is online, owns a house, is a leader of a guild, has a red or black skull, has over 10 000 000 bank balance, has items in any depot or inbox or has active market offers. This means that if your character for example owns a house, you will have to sell it in order to transfer your character.
  • Once you have transferred, you will not be able to regret your decision.

How will the transfer affect my character?

  • After much consideration, we have decided that your level and experience will not be affected by the transfer, you will have the same level on LunarForce. The reason for this decision is that the experience stages are the same on both servers after level 200, and that LunarForce has had more spawns free because of the lower player amount.
  • Because of the major differences in skill and magic level rates and with the lower mana regeneration in mind, your magic level and skills will be reduced to the level you would have had with the rates on LunarForce.
  • To maintain the economy of both servers, you will keep the items you have equipped, but you can not bring items inside any container and the maximum amount of money you are allowed to have in your bank is 10 000 000 gold coins.
  • Your character will keep any mount or addon it already has obtained.
  • Your quest-history will be preserved. 
  • You will lose your market history.
  • Your death list will be cleared.

If you decide that you want to transfer, you can do so here

Update 2013-06-30, Rottin Wood and the Married Men


  • Added the Rottin Wood and the Married Men Quest. With this, the Rapid Boar mount is now obtainable.
  • Added Browse Field. This feature will only work for players connected with client 9.84 or higher.
  • Added the new guild emblems that show whether someone is a member of your guild or another guild. The new emblems will only appear for players connected with client 10.0 or higher.
  • Added the new summon symbol that show whether a summon belongs to you or someone else. The new summon symbols will only appear for players connected with client 10.0 or higher.
  • Added the new gray party shield symbol which indicates that a player is a member of a party. This new party symbol will only appear for players connected with client 10.0 or higher.
  • Added the new red lightning bolt symbol which appears on players with at least 5 members online in their guild or party. This new symbol will only appear for players connected with client 10.0 or higher.
  • Expanded the passage south of the Venore boat.
  • Monsters will now lose their target when the distance is at least 9 square meters between them (used to be 11 square meters).
  • Monsters will no longer deal damage to other monsters with their Area of Effect abilities.
  • Corrected the duration of the effect from chameleon rune. It now lasts for 200 seconds instead of 180 seconds.
  • Updated loot of the following monsters: Black Sheep, Deer, Pig, Quara Constrictor Scout, Quara Hydromancer Scout, Quara Mantassin Scout, Quara Pincher Scout, Quara Predator Scout, Sheep and Zombie.
  • Updated the look description of players with additional information about guild and party (amount of guild members, online members, party members and invitations).
  • Corrected Lost Berserkers explosion bomb radius and range.
  • Light Healing can now be used on level 8.
  • Fixed charges on garlic necklaces dropped by Blightwalkers.
  • Fixed a few missing item names.
  • Fixed a lot of map bugs.

Kind regards,
The TwifySoft Team.